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Hmmpfam is a widely used computation-intensive bioinformatics software for sequence classification. This poster describes a new parallel implementation of hmmpfam on EARTH, which is an event-driven fine-grain multi-threaded programming execution model. The comparison results of the original PVM implementation and our implementation shows notable(More)
With the rapidly increasing diversity of parallel architectures and the increasing time and labor for developing parallel applications, the performance portability of parallel programs is becoming increasingly important and should be considered when designing parallel execution models, APIs, and runtime system software. This paper analyzes both code(More)
Hmmpfam is a widely used computation-intensive bioin-formatics software for sequence classification. The contribution of this paper is the first largely scalable and robust cluster-based solution of parallel hmmpfam based on EARTH (Efficient Architecture for Running Threads), which is an event-driven fine-grain multi-threaded programming execution model.(More)
This paper focuses on the Cyclops64 computer architecture and presents an analytical model and performance simulation results for the preloading and loop unrolling approaches to optimize the performance of SVD (Singular Value Decomposition) benchmark. A performance model for dissecting the total execution cycles is presented. The data preloading using "(More)
Recently the new field of parallel imaging accusation has the potential to revolutionize the field of fast MR imaging. The SPACE RIP technique is one of the parallel imaging methods which uses multiple receiver coil and utilizes the sensitivity profile information from a number of receiver coils in order to reduce the acquisition time. The image(More)
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