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Robust fault estimation approach and its application in vehicle lateral dynamic systems
For state-space systems with unknown process disturbances, a robust state-space observer is designed to simultaneously estimate the system state, the finitely times derivatives of the fault, and theExpand
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Recent Main Events in Applied Superconductivity in China
With strong support from Chinese government bodies such as the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National BasicExpand
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Recent advances in iron-based superconductors toward applications
Abstract Iron with a large magnetic moment was widely believed to be harmful to the emergence of superconductivity because of the competition between the static ordering of electron spins and theExpand
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An ABox Abduction Algorithm for the Description Logic ALCI
ABox abduction is the foundation of abductive reasoning in description logics. It finds the minimal sets of ABox axioms which could be added to a background knowledge base to enforce the entailmentExpand
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Beamline Test of a Transition-Edge-Sensor Spectrometer in Preparation for Kaonic-Atom Measurements
We are developing a new technique to apply transition-edge sensors (TESs) to X-ray spectroscopy of exotic atoms, especially of kaonic atoms. To demonstrate the feasibility of this pioneering project,Expand
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[Development and clinical application of the integrative immobilization board for radiotherapy].
According to the clinical needs of precise radiotherapy, an integrative thermoplastic immobilization board for radiotherapy was developed for the purpose of immobilizing head position, head, neck andExpand
Equivalent circuit models and parameter identification methods for lithium-ion capacitors
Abstract As a new type of energy storage devices with both high energy density and power density, lithium-ion capacitors have exhibited applicable prospects in the field of renewable energy andExpand
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Online parameters identification and state of charge estimation for lithium-ion capacitor based on improved Cubature Kalman filter
Abstract Lithium-ion capacitor is a hybrid electrochemical energy storage device which combines the merits of lithium-ion battery and electric double-layer capacitor. The precise state of chargeExpand
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Load Balancing Method Based on a Performance and Power Ratio
  • Junfeng Tian, Y. Ma
  • Computer Science
  • 13th Asia Joint Conference on Information…
  • 1 August 2018
Aimed at the problem of large energy consumption in the existing cloud computing platform, a Load Balancing Method Based on a Performance and Power Ratio is proposed. According to the user taskExpand
Literature Review of Cultural Tourism
There is a long history about the academic development of cultural tourism. Study on cultural tourism has accumulated many years with rich achievements, from the definition of the concept, and alsoExpand