Yanti R. Bujang

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Presently, most organisations are already using e-recruitment to post jobs and accept resumes online where they also correspond with the applicants through e-mail. This paper proposes a framework for evaluating usability performance of e-recruitment websites. The evaluation mainly focuses on the Sarawak Government e-recruitment website(More)
As the most popular communication technology, email has been widely used by the Internet users. Most past researches on email has focused on major problems of email misuse such as spam emails and email overload. Technology-based papers focused on how to filter emails so that spam is minimized. In reality, however, most email users are not aware of the(More)
Formal specification provides the means to verify a system's correctness and this can be done by the development technique of refinement of formal specification. Considering the multiple views of a system, in integrated formal specifications, will introduce more than one refinement that can be applied to the specification. This paper investigates the(More)
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