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Conjugated polymers are promising actuation materials for bio/micromanipulation systems, biomimetic robots, and biomedical devices. For these applications, it is highly desirable to have predictive models available for feasibility study and design optimization. In this paper a scalable model is presented for trilayer conjugated polymer actuators based on J.(More)
We recommend that the thesis prepared under our supervision by DEVYANI TANNA Abstract Neuroscientists conduct experiments at different scales from molecules to system level to gain insights into various brain functions. When in vivo and in vitro experiments are hard to perform, neural simulators are very helpful. The NeoCortical Simulator (NCS) is a neural(More)
—We present a novel hysteresis compensation method for piezoelectric actuators. We consider the hysteresis nonlinearity of the actuator as a disturbance over a linear system. A disturbance observer (DOB) is then utilized to estimate and compensate for the hysteresis nonlinearity. In contrast to the existing inverse-model-based approach, the DOB-based(More)
Compact sensing methods are desirable for ionic polymer–metal composite (IPMC) actuators in microrobotic and biomedical applications. In this paper a novel sensing scheme for IPMC actuators is proposed by bonding an IPMC and a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) thin film with an insulating layer in between. The insulating layer thickness is properly designed to(More)
A robotic device with haptic, tactile, and ultrasound capabilities, which can acquire and render information of breast pathology was developed. A physician interface that can examine the human breast remotely and accurately, using such a robotic device was also developed. Such a robotic device can be used to do screening or focused breast exams for patients(More)
This paper presents a new and effective multisensor based control strategy for high-accuracy/precision and high-efficiency automatic robot localization and calibration. The strategy combines both coarsely visual servo and fine position-sensitive detector (PSD) servo control methods. In a large field of view, an image-based visual servo control system is(More)
This paper aims at developing a force-guided micromanipulation technology with in-situ PVDF beam force sensing and hybrid force/position control based on an infinite dimensional system model. By using the designed PVDF force sensing cantilever composite structure with high sensitivity, the micro contact force/impact signal and its derivative can be(More)