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We propose and implement a load balancing Web cluster architecture supported differentiated service. By adjusting the resource quotas assigned to different classes in back-ends and with Maximum Idle First load balancing strategy, the Web cluster system achieves Proportional Delay Differentiation Service and an efficient and fair resource allocation among(More)
The design of Web QoS based on feedback control has an imperfect real-time because of the offline identification. This paper presents a self-tuning control framework to provide proportional delay differentiation guarantees on Web Server. The approach updates the model and controller parameters based on the variations of object model to reduce system error(More)
As the heterogeneity of Web clients increasing, the differentiated service becomes an important issue for e-commerce Web sites, and the control theory has already been used for this in Web server. However, when workloads vary significantly, the real-time performance of feedback control needs to be improved. After analyzing the heavy-tailed property of(More)
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