Yansong Cui

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The temporal error concealment is an important post processing technique to combat transmission errors for video communication, which is usually achieved by motion vector estimation and temporal replacement using temporal correlation existing in video data. However, the quality of concealed video is not satisfactional due to missing residual data lost in(More)
A new fast search algorithm was brought up based on research of motion estimation characteristics of H.264 multiblock mode multi-reference frame. By judging whether motion estimation block is skip mode, and according to relationships between different motion search mode cost functions, motion vector is obtained through the block mode search algorithm and(More)
The flexibility of video transmission and decoding has been greatly enhanced by Scalable video coding (SVC). But the coding complexity is also increased because of the inter-layer prediction mechanism. To solve this problem, we propose a fast mode decision algorithm for intra prediction. First, we simplify the process of inter-layer intra prediction using(More)
Due to the obvious development of wireless network and video application, video encoding and transmission become the major problem of wireless transmission. To cope with this problem, we propose a video streaming distribution algorithm based on the Variance Coefficient Weighting (VCM) and the Modified Grey Relational Analysis (MGRA) for SVC streams in this(More)
Background: Epilepsy is the second commonly-occurred neurological disorder after stroke, and the cerebrovascular disease is the most common cause of secondary epilepsy. Purpose: To investigate the clinical efficacy of integrated traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine (TCM-WM) in treatment of late-onset epilepsy after cerebral hemorrhage. Methods:(More)
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