Yanshuang Zhao

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Strong antibacterial polydopamine (PDA) coatings prepared by a facile shaking-assisted method is reported for the first time. It was found that a minor modification made to the conventional synthesis procedure of PDA coatings, viz. replacing the static solution condition with a shaking solution condition by using a mechanical shaker, can produce the(More)
Polarization mode coupling (PMC) and related effects from writing fiber Bragg gratings in polarization maintaining fiber (FBGs-in-PMF) are observed experimentally for the first time by optical fiber coherence domain polarimetry (OCDP) using a broadband light source. PMC is another useful aspect of FBG-in-PMF besides Bragg wavelength and its possible(More)
Fiber Bragg grating(FBG) written in rotated fused polarization maintaining(RF-PM) fiber is proposed. The fiber structure constructs two Fabry-Perot interferometers. The spectral characteristics is analyzed and simulated. The Bragg reflection spectrum of fiber subjected to different loading angles are measured as the rotated fused angle is 22.5°. The(More)
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