Yanshan Chen

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Canola (Brassica napus L.) is the second largest cash crop in Canada (4). Blackleg disease, caused by Leptosphaeria maculans (Desmaz.) Ces. & De Not. (anamorph = Phoma lingam (Tode:Fr.) Desmaz.), is one of most economically important diseases of canola (21). In the past decade, canola production has expanded significantly worldwide and interest in the(More)
The complete genome sequence of Seneca Valley virus (SVV), a single-stranded RNA virus that causes porcine vesicular disease in China, has been sequenced and analyzed. This Chinese isolate shares 94.4 to 97.1% sequence identity to another 8 strains from Canada, Brazil, and the United States. This is the first report of SVV infecting swine in China.
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) feeds ∼3 billion people. Due to the wide occurrence of arsenic (As) pollution in paddy soils and its efficient plant uptake, As in rice grains presents health risks. Genetic manipulation may offer an effective approach to reduce As accumulation in rice grains. The genetics of As uptake and metabolism have been elucidated and target(More)
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