Yanru Zhong

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UKF and SRUKF are two new members of the family of Kalman filters. Speed estimation of induction machines based on them is discussed in depth and compared with the EKF from every side. The effect of the sampling time and the parameters of the filters upon the speed estimation performances are analyzed, and the various aspects of the speed estimation(More)
A novel dual single-input single-output (DSISO) model for a three-phase two-level PWM rectifier is proposed, in order to simplify the complicated structure of multiple input variables and multiple control objectives. In the proposed model, the three-phase PWM rectifier is equivalent to two single-phase PWM rectifiers in the α-β stationary(More)
A novel speed and flux estimator of induction motor based on robust reduced-order extended Kalman filter (RROEKF) is proposed in this paper, and the effect of gross error on estimation accuracy of reduced-order EKF (ROEKF) was analyzed. Whether RROEKF can give better estimation performance and robust ability than ROEKF for speed and flux estimation of(More)
Inmost cases, designers have tomanually specify both assembly tolerance types and valueswhen they design amechanical product. Different designerswill possibly specify different assembly tolerance types and values for the same nominal geometry. Furthermore, assembly tolerance specification design of a complex product is a highly collaborative process,(More)
A novel ADRC control structure which employs only three first-order ADRCs is presented for the speed control of induction motor drives, moreover, compared with the existing ADRC based speed control structures there is no need to estimate the rotor flux. As a result, the runtime of the proposed ADRC control algorithm is shorter than ever and the(More)
In this paper, the ant colony optimization (ACO) is introduced and applied to the parameter identification of an induction motor for vector control. The error between the actual stator current output of an induction motor and the stator current output of the model is used as the criterion to correct the model parameters, so as to identify all the parameters(More)
In this paper, a novel generalized discontinuous space-vector pulse width modulation (DSVPWM) strategy called DSVPWMx, which includes DSVPWMP, DSVPWMN, DSVPWMPN0, DSVPWMPN1, DSVPWMPN2, and DSVPWMPN3, is proposed for three-phase voltage source inverters. Six sectors are redivided into 12 ones based on space-vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) and local(More)