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BACKGROUND Alfalfa is the most widely cultivated forage legume and one of the most economically valuable crops in the world. The large size and complexity of the alfalfa genome has delayed the development of genomic resources for alfalfa research. Second-generation Illumina transcriptome sequencing is an efficient method for generating a global(More)
Lycium barbarum L. (Solanaceae) is a Chinese medicinal plant whose fruits (Fructus Lycii) are used by Chinese physicians for treatment of infertility. However, the active ingredients and the mechanism of action underlying Lycium's fertility-facilitating effects remain unknown. Here we report that Fructus Lycii polysaccharides (FLPS) inhibit time- and(More)
Siberian wildrye (Elymus sibiricus L.) is a perennial, self-fertilizing grass that plays an important role in animal husbandry and environmental sustenance. However, the transcriptomic and genomic information on this species is very limited, which hinders genetic and breeding studies. In the present study, 76,686,804 clean reads were generated from 11(More)
Inflammation is observed at all stages of atherosclerosis. The initial stage of atherosclerosis is characterized by recruitment of leukocytes to activated endothelial cells (ECs). MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of 19-25 nucleotides, non-protein-coding RNAs that repress target gene expression by translational inhibition or mRNA degradation. The link between(More)
Endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS), which is a novel pathway of regulating cellular apoptosis and the function of ERS during corpus luteum (CL) regression, is explored. Early-luteal stage (day 2), mid-luteal stage (day 7), and late-luteal stage (day 14 and 20) were induced, and the apoptosis of luteal cells was detected by a terminal 2'-deoxyuridine(More)
AIM Statins have been demonstrated to significantly affect the prognosis and outcome of patients with cardiac diseases. Several studies have suggested pleiotropic effects of the statins in these patients. The present study was designed to examine the effects of atorvastatin on inflammation, endothelial function, cardiac performance and exercise tolerance in(More)
Gray system theory uses a black-gray-white color spectrum to describe a complex system whose characteristics are only partially known or known with uncertainty. In this study, we use gray system theory to investigate the relation between precipitation and spring flows in a karst region in China. The gray incidence analysis was applied to the Liulin Springs,(More)
Cleistogenes songorica is an important perennial grass found in the pastoral steppe of Inner Mongolia. C. songorica flourishes in drought prone environments, and therefore provides an ideal candidate plant system for the identification of drought-tolerance conferring genes. We constructed cDNA libraries from leaves and roots of drought-stressed C. songorica(More)
There are approximately 470,000 km(2) of karst aquifers that feed many large springs in North China. Turbulent flow often exists in these karst aquifers, which means that the classical ground water model based on Darcy's law cannot be applied here. Ground water data are rare for these aquifers. As a consequence, it is difficult to quantitatively investigate(More)