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A case of pulmonary hyalinizing granuloma (PHG) and concomitant low-grade, small lymphocytic lymphoma of the lung is presented. This is the first occurrence of pulmonary lymphoma in patients with PHG ever reported. The infiltrates around a left lower lobe nodule with left pleural effusion and thickening seen on chest CT were histologically proven to be(More)
Traditional prognostic indicators for astrocytic tumors include tumor size, type, and histologic grade. Data suggest that tumor growth fraction assessed by MIB-1 is an important predicator of survival. Cyclin A, like MIB-1, is a recently described specific marker of proliferation, detectable primarily in S phase of the cell cycle as it undergoes progression(More)
Zeolites are crystalline inorganic porous materials formed by TO4 tetrahedra (T=Si, Al, P, etc.) with ordered microporous structures. As a result of their tunable acidities and framework structures, zeolites have been used widely in catalysis and molecular adsorption/separation as well as several other emerging applications. However, the pore size of a(More)
In this Letter we report the first clear experimental observation of density gradient stabilization of electron temperature gradient driven turbulence in a fusion plasma. It is observed that longer wavelength modes, k(⊥)ρ(s) ≲ 10, are most stabilized by density gradient, and the stabilization is accompanied by about a factor of 2 decrease in the plasma(More)
The Far-infrared Tangential Interferometer/Polarimeter (FIReTIP) system has been refurbished and is being reinstalled on the National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade (NSTX-U) to supply real-time line-integrated core electron density measurements for use in the NSTX-U plasma control system (PCS) to facilitate real-time density feedback control of the(More)
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