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BACKGROUND The treatment of patients with MDR- and XDR-TB is usually more complex, toxic and costly and less effective than treatment of other forms of TB. However, there is little information available on risk factors for poor outcomes in patients with MDR- and XDR-TB in China. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We retrospectively analyzed the clinical(More)
The complete genome sequence of a novel dsRNA virus isolated from Rhizoctonia fumigata AG-Ba isolate C-314 Baishi (designated as Rhizoctonia fumigata virus 1, RfV1) was determined. The RfV1 genome was 9,907 bp in length and contained two open reading frames (ORFs). ORF1 potentially coded for a 198.10-kDa protein (P1). P1 shared low but significant amino(More)
Binucleate Rhizoctonia (BNR) spp. isolates were collected from taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) and ginger (Zingiber officinale (Willd.) Roscoe) (Yunnanxiaojiang cv.) in Yunnan province. These Yunnan (YN) isolates did not anastomose with any of the tester isolates of the known AGs of binucleate Rhizoctonia spp. The growth of YN cultures on PDA was(More)
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