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This book presents the advancements and applications of neutrosophics. Chapter 1 first introduces the interval neutrosophic sets which is an instance of neutrosophic sets. In this chapter, the definition of interval neutrosophic sets and set-theoretic operators are given and various properties of interval neutrosophic set are proved. Chapter 2 defines the(More)
In this paper, a new adaptive fuzzy reasoning method using compensatory fuzzy operators is proposed to make a fuzzy logic system more adaptive and more effective. Such a compensatory fuzzy logic system is proved to be a universal approximator. The compensatory neural fuzzy networks built by both control-oriented fuzzy neurons and decision-oriented fuzzy(More)
—Body sensor networks (BSN) are emerging cyber-physical systems that promise to improve quality of life through improved healthcare, augmented sensing and actuation for the disabled, independent living for the elderly, and reduced healthcare costs. However, the physical nature of BSNs introduces new challenges. The human body is a highly dynamic physical(More)
Extracting a subset of informative genes from microarray expression data is a critical data preparation step in cancer classification and other biological function analyses. Though many algorithms have been developed, the Support Vector Machine - Recursive Feature Elimination (SVM-RFE) algorithm is one of the best gene feature selection algorithms. It(More)
In this paper, we propose an Interactive Fuzzy Interval Reasoning (FIR) method by combining fuzzy logic with interval computing to better serve Web users in terms of effectiveness and flexibility. Web users may use convenient interval inputs for online shopping. In order to serve different customers based on their preferences, different personalized fuzzy(More)
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The objective of this research work is to simplify and improve the efficiency of cursor control and its interactions on the computer screen by applying fuzzy logic in its decision-making to make Internet users with disabilities use the networked computers conveniently and easily. "Point and click" interactions are one of the key features of operating(More)
Traditional classification algorithms can be limited in their performance on highly unbalanced data sets. A popular stream of work for countering the problem of class imbalance has been the application of a sundry of sampling strategies. In this paper, we focus on designing modifications to support vector machines (SVMs) to appropriately tackle the problem(More)