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OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficacy and safety of Chinese herbal medicines in the treatment of patients with vascular dementia. DATA RETRIEVAL We retrieved publications from Cochrane Library (2004 to July 2011), PubMed (1966 to July 2011), the Chinese Science and Technique Journals Database (1977 to July 2011), the China National Knowledge(More)
Nonspecific ST-segment and T-wave (ST-T) changes represent one of the most prevalent electrocardiographic abnormalities in hypertensive patients. However, a limited number of studies have investigated the association between nonspecific ST-T changes and unsatisfactory blood pressure (BP) control in adults with hypertension.The study population comprised(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Inotropes are commonly used to treat myocardial dysfunction, which is the major complication after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). Milrinone, a phosphodiesterase 3 inhibitor, is one of these inotropes. Recently, a number of clinical studies have been carried out to evaluate the effects of milrinone on cardiac function in patients(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of a new blood pressure (BP) measurement method (Pulse method). METHODS This study enrolled 45 patients for selective percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) via right radial artery. A BP device using either oscillometric (Microlife 3AC1-1) or Pulse method(RG-BP11)was used. At the beginning of(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to describe the prevalence and risk factors of prehypertension and hypertension in Jiangxi Province, China. Individuals with prehypertension frequently progress into hypertension and are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease and stroke. METHODS A cross-sectional survey of 15,296 participants (15 years or older) was(More)
Contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) develops after the injection of iodinated contrast media. This is a post hoc analysis of the data obtained from the TRUST study, which was a prospective, multicentre, observational study conducted to evaluate the safety and tolerability of the contrast medium iopromide in patients undergoing cardiac catheterization from(More)
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