Yanqin Liu

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In this paper, the Homotopy perturbation method is successfully extended to solve fractional biological population model and numerical results are obtained. The fractional derivatives are described in the Caputo sense, some examples are provided. And the solutions of the equation are continuous with the parameter α . Mathematics subject classification(More)
We propose a fractional-order WINDMI system, as a generalization of an integer-order system developed by Sprott 2003 . The considered synchronization scheme consists of identical master and slave fractional-order WINDMI systems coupled by linear state error variables. Based on the stability theory of nonlinear fractional-order systems, linear state error(More)
[reaction: see text] We describe a facile approach for effectively constructing the pentacyclic framework of subincanadine B. The seven-step assembly of tetracyclic ketone 14 featured Michael addition, Pictet-Spengler cyclization, and Dieckmann condensation. From this key ketone intermediate, two analogues of subincanadine B, i.e., 20-deethylenylated(More)
The first total synthesis of (+/-)-subincanadine F, a bioactive indole alkaloid structurally featuring a 1-azabicyclo[4.3.1]decane unit, has been realized from 1-(para-methoxybenzyl)tryptamine in six steps. The bridge-containing tetracyclic framework of subincanadine F was efficiently assembled by a SmI2-mediated ring opening followed by an acid-mediated(More)
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