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Insulin resistance occurs in 20%-25% of the human population, and the condition is a chief component of type 2 diabetes mellitus and a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and certain forms of cancer. Herein, we demonstrate that the sphingolipid ceramide is a common molecular intermediate linking several different pathological metabolic stresses (i.e.,(More)
In this paper, we propose an image-driven 3D modeling technique for rapid panel design. Our semi-automatic approach is based on template technique and mesh volume deformation controlled by a special cage. We designed our modeling system to be interactive in 2D, automating the process of shape generation while relying on the user to provide image samples.(More)
Most physiological studies on oat beta (β)-glucan referred to attenuation of blood glucose and insulin responses in both healthy and diabetic individuals. The main purpose of this work was to evaluate the effects of oat β-glucan on glucose metabolism in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice and the activities of intestinal disaccharidases in the diabetic(More)
An iodine-catalyzed oxidative C(sp(3))-H amination/C-N cleavage of tertiary amines couducted under an oxygen atmosphere has been developed and affords a route to quinazolines and quinazolinones in good to excellent yields via a domino ring annulation. The method is metal-free, peroxide-free, and operationally simple to implement with a wide scope of(More)
To explore material basis of in vitro anti-proliferative activity of leukemia cell K562 of petroleum ether phase of product resulting from Galium aparine L. 60% ethanol extraction, the experiment adopts column chromatography combined with thin layer preparation, isolates and purifies petroleum ether, conducts structural identification of obtained single(More)
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