Yanping Yu

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—Ad hoc networks are self-organizing multi-hop systems consisting wireless nodes which can communicate with each other without pre-existing infrastructure. Clustering has evolved as an important research topic in mobile ad hoc networks(MANETs) as it improves the system performance of MANET, in the presence of both mobility and a large number of mobile(More)
  • Yanping Yu
  • 2008
MAC layer design is critical for energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks. We present an approach to reduce the time spending on data moving. In our approach, a MAC layer needs to stripe off the network layer header and store a data frame received until receiving the next hop address from the network layer where a route look-up is executed. The amount(More)
In this article, an algorithm is proposed to design liveness-enforcing supervisors for systems of simple sequential processes with resources (S<sup>3</sup>PR) based on complementary places. Firstly, a mixed integer programming (MIP) based deadlock detection method is used to find unmarked strict minimal siphons from an infinite-capacity net. Next, the(More)
In this paper, the output feedback control problem for a genetic hypersonic vehicle is considered under the restriction that only the vehicle's velocity and altitude are measurable. High gain observers (HGO) are utilized to provide estimation signals for unmeasurable derivatives of the vehicle's velocity and altitude. A comprehensive stability analysis of(More)
Energy efficiency is a critical issue for a MAC protocol in sensor networks. Thus much effort has been paid on research about the sleeping mode of MAC protocol. However, we found out that significant amount of energy is wasted when a data packet received by MAC is transferred to the network layer to get the next hop address by searching the routing table(More)
With the improvement of quality of software, software reliability becomes more and more important. Until now, there have been many software reliability models, but the few is suitable for all software projects. Moreover, in the application, it is hard to apply them effectively, because of the operational and other factors, this paper full analyzes the(More)
A non-coherent detection algorithm was proposed for orthogonal space-time coded multi-level continuous phase modulation (OST-MCPM) transmission systems of two transmit antennas, using a non-coherent maximum likelihood (ML) approach with different lengths of watch window. The noncoherent detection algorithm is suitable for any number of receive antennas and(More)