Yanping Song

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Normal Chinese Liver Proteome Expression Profile is one of the major parts of Human Liver Proteome Project. Before starting the studies, it is necessary to examine the interindividual variation of normal liver proteome and evaluate the minimal size of samples for proteomic analysis. In this study, normal liver samples from ten individual volunteers were(More)
Organelle proteome has become one of the most important fields of proteomics, and the subcellular fractionation with high purity and yield has always been a challenge for cell biologists and also for the Human Liver Proteome Project (HLPP). The liver of a C57BL/6J mouse was chosen as the model to find the optimum method for subcellular preparation. The(More)
In this study, a liquid-based shotgun strategy was used to comprehensively identify the expression of human liver proteome. Proteins were extracted from human liver tissue and digested in-solution. The tryptic digest mixture was desalted and separated by off-line strong cation exchange (SCX) chromatography with a 60-min elution. The MS/MS spectra were(More)
The Liverbase ( http://liverbase.hupo.org.cn ) integrates information on the human liver proteome, including the function, abundance, and subcellular localization of proteins as well as associated disease information. The overall objective of the Liverbase is to provide a unique public resource for the liver community by providing comprehensive functional(More)
To gain a better understanding of the critical function of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in liver, we carried out a proteomic survey of mouse liver ER. The ER proteome was profiled with a new three-dimensional, gel-based strategy. From 6152 and 6935 MS spectra, 903 and 1042 proteins were identified with at least two peptides matches at 95% confidence in(More)
Addition reaction of ArN(SiMe 3)M (Ar = Ph or 2,6 - (i) Pr 2-C 6H 3 (Dipp); M = Li or Na) to 2 equivalents of alpha-hydrogen-free nitrile RCN (R = dimethylamido) gave the dimeric [M{N(Ar)C(NMe 2)NC(NMe 2)N(SiMe 3)}] 2 ( 1a, Ar = Ph, M = Li; 1b, Ar = Ph, M = Na; 1c, Ar = Dipp, M = Li). 1d was obtained by hydrolysis of 1c at ambient temperature. Treatment of(More)
2,4-N,N'-Disubstituted 1,3,5-triazapentadienyl ligands as their lithium salts [Li{(N(R)C(R'))2N}]2 [where R = SiMe3 here and hereafter and R' = dimethylamino (1) or 1-piperidino (2)] were synthesized via the reactions of LiN(SiMe3)2 with 2 equiv of the alpha-hydrogen-free carbonitrile dimethylcyanamide or 1-piperdinecarbonitrile and used in the isolation of(More)
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