Yanping Shen

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Phosphoprotein-binding domains (PPBDs) mediate many important cellular and molecular processes. Ten PPBDs have been known to exist in the human proteome, namely, 14-3-3, BRCT, C2, FHA, MH2, PBD, PTB, SH2, WD-40 and WW. PepCyber:P approximately PEP is a newly constructed database specialized in documenting human PPBD-containing proteins and PPBD-mediated(More)
Multireceiver encryption enables a sender to encrypt a message and transmit the ciphertext to a set of authorized users while no one outside this set can decrypt the message , which is known as an efficient protocol to achieve a secure multicast data communication among multiple authorized users. In this work, we construct two identity-based multireceiver(More)
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