Yanping Jin

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Resonant frequency shift and electrical impedance variation are common phenomena in the application of high power ultrasonic transducers, e.g. in focused ultrasound surgery and in cutting. They result in low power efficiency and unstable vibration amplitude. To solve this problem, a driving and measurement system has been developed to track the resonance of(More)
Ultrasonic disintegration is a very promising sludge pretreatment method that leverages the cavitation effect to produce extreme physical environments characterized by high temperatures and high pressures. This process disintegrates sludge structure features, promotes sludge dewatering, and aides resource recovery. This paper presents a newly designed(More)
This paper presents study of Wireless Sensor Network that applied in agriculture for automated farming. In this paper, a survey on Wireless Sensor Network and technologies carried out. Based on the survey, the need for automated distribution of fertilizer system especially in developing country like India is required. This can help the end users like(More)
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