Yanping Jia

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OBJECTIVE To determine the variability in the recognition of normal sperm and various sperm defects using the strict criteria recommended by the World Health Organization (5th edition, 2010). DESIGN Sperm morphologic assessment by three experienced evaluators. SETTING Image processing laboratory and reproduction research institute. PATIENT(S) Semen(More)
The general macroscopic examination of semen evaluation includes sperm density, concentration, motility and morphology. Among these general evaluations, the morphology assessment is widely considered to be one of the most important evaluations of male sperm characteristics. With the use of computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA) techniques, more objective,(More)
For 3-D ultrasound imaging, the row-column addressing (RCA) with 2N connections for an N × N 2-D array makes the fabrication and interconnection simpler than the fully addressing with N² connections. However, RCA degrades the image quality because of defocusing in signal channel direction in the transmit event. To solve this problem, a split row-column(More)
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