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This paper studies consensus problems of multiple second-order agents with time-varying topology. It is assumed that each possible interaction topology is strongly connected and balanced and each agent can only obtain the measurements of its position relative to its neighbors. A feasible protocol is proposed, and by applying the linear matrix inequality(More)
According to the growing of Internet, many websites have used clustering technologies to enlarge their performance. These days, LVS (Linux Virtual Server) software, which is free of charge and has good performance, has commonly been used to construct web server cluster. But when requests are increased, LVS can raise a bottleneck and can make the cluster(More)
This paper presents a sequential mode that can be used to improve the efficiency of iterative matching algorithm for CIOQ crossbar switches. The proposed matching algorithm is collectively called SIM-δ, and four different configuration are presented: restricted iteration, pipelined iteration, exhaustive transmission, and GSI (general state information)based(More)
Checkpointing is one of the commonly used techniques to provide fault-tolerance in distributed systems so that the system can operate even if one or more components have failed. However, mobile computing systems are constrained by low bandwidth, mobility, lack of stable storage, frequent disconnections and limited battery life. Hence, checkpointing(More)