Yanping Gao

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Alpha-eleostearic acid (α-ESA) is a natural and biologically active compound which possesses potent antioxidant and anti-tumor activity. The purpose of this study was to confirm the anticancer activity of α-ESA against human breast cancer cells and to further elucidate its mechanism of activity. Human breast cancer cells and normal liver cells were used for(More)
MicroRNAs, a class of endogenous, small (18–25 nucleotides) noncoding RNAs, regulate gene expression by directly binding to the 3′-untranslated regions of target messenger RNAs. Evidence has shown that alteration of microRNAs is involved in cancer initial and progression. MicroRNA-26a is commonly dysregulated in diverse cancers and is involved in various(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are non-coding small RNAs which negatively regulate gene expressions mainly through 3'-untranslated region (3'-UTR) binding of target mRNAs. Recent studies have highlighted the feedback loops between miRNAs and their target genes in physiological and pathological processes including chemoresistance of cancers. Our previous study(More)
The tea geometrid, Ectropis obliqua Prout (Lepidoptera: Geometridae), is one of the most threatening pests of tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) plants. In this study, we developed eleven new polymorphic microsatellite markers from tea geometrid by using the microsatellite motif enriched library method. Polymorphism of each locus was detected in 69(More)