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Translating Web Data
We present a novel framework for mapping between any combination of XML and relational schemas, in which a high-level, user-specified mapping is translated into semantically meaningful queries thatExpand
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Statistical Database
A statistical database is a database used for statistical analysis purposes. It is an OLAP (online analytical processing), instead of OLTP (online transaction. Whats new? Help us improve thisExpand
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STBenchmark: towards a benchmark for mapping systems
A fundamental problem in information integration is to precisely specify the relationships, called mappings, between schemas. Designing mappings is a time-consuming process. To alleviate thisExpand
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Clio: Schema Mapping Creation and Data Exchange
The Clio project provides tools that vastly simplify information integration. Information integration requires data conversions to bring data in different representations into a common form. KeyExpand
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Keyword search over relational databases: a metadata approach
Keyword queries offer a convenient alternative to traditional SQL in querying relational databases with large, often unknown, schemas and instances. The challenge in answering such queries is toExpand
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Preserving mapping consistency under schema changes
Abstract.In dynamic environments like the Web, data sources may change not only their data but also their schemas, their semantics, and their query capabilities. When a mapping is left inconsistentExpand
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Intensional associations between data and metadata
There is a growing need to associate a variety of metadata with the underlying data, but a simple, elegant approach to uniformly model and query both the data and the metadata has been elusive. InExpand
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Mapping Adaptation under Evolving Schemas
To achieve interoperability, modern information systems and e-commerce applications use mappings to translate data from one representation to another. In dynamic environments like the Web, dataExpand
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On-the-fly entity-aware query processing in the presence of linkage
Entity linkage is central to almost every data integration and data cleaning scenario. Traditional techniques use some computed similarity among data structure to perform merges and then answerExpand
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On Evaluating Schema Matching and Mapping
The increasing demand of matching and mapping tasks in modern integration scenarios has led to a plethora of tools for facilitating these tasks. While the plethora made these tools available to aExpand
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