Yannis Pousset

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A6sftcret This paper presents a 3D simulation software of radio waves propagation for the mobile systems in outdoor and indoor environments. The software allows to predict the coverage zone of a base station and the behaviour of the transmission channel. After a brief recall of the radio channel Characteristics for narrow and wide band signals, the(More)
For several years, wireless communication systems have been developed for train to infrastructure communication needs related to railway or mass transit applications. The systems should be able to operate in specific environments, such as tunnels. In this context, specific radio planning tools have to be developed to optimize system deployment. Realistic(More)
To satisfy the smart grid electrical network, communication systems in high-voltage substations have to be installed in order to control equipments. Considering that those substations were not necessarily designed for adding communication networks, one of the most appropriate solutions is to use wireless sensor network (WSN). However, the high voltage(More)
We investigate the spatio-temporal characterization of a radio mobile propagation channel in urban environment. This characterization is based on a 3D ray tracing software developed in our laboratory and on Bello's work. So, for the complex environment studied in the COST 23 1 project, we evaluate the dispersion and colherence properties of the radio(More)
Modeling of the reason why several electromagnetic phenome of statistical distribution context, our problematic with radio channel behav years. Thus, the Kolmogo usually employed by the other approaches like probability density functi are obtained empirically propose approaches allo approaches are based on stable with the optimal hi reliable than the KS(More)