Yannis Plegas

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Text annotation is the procedure of initially identifying, in a segment of text, a set of dominant in meaning words and later on attaching to them extra information (usually drawn from a concept ontology, implemented as a catalog) that expresses their conceptual content in the current context. Attaching additional semantic information and structure helps to(More)
Generic web searching often turns out impersonal and frustrating due to lack of adaptivity to user preferences. These problems can be alleviated in the presence of a solution to assist personalization in an effective manner. Such a tool is presented within the context of this paper that enables personalization on the client's browser and is supported by a(More)
The semantic Web has brought exciting new possibilities for information access and electronic commerce. Semantic Web is already adopted in several applications and solutions. The main objective is to create a powerful solution to unify a great percentage of different operations that concern the personalization/ categorization of semantic questions. Key aim(More)