Yannis Pappas

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The North West London Integrated Care Pilot (ICP) was launched in June 2011 and brings together more than 100 general practices, 2 acute care trusts, 5 primary care trusts, 2 mental health care trusts, 3 community health trusts, 5 local authorities, and 2 voluntary sector organizations (Age UK and Diabetes UK) to improve the coordination of care for a pilot(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper provides the results of a year-long evaluation of a large-scale integrated care pilot in north-west London. The pilot aimed to integrate care across primary, acute, community, mental health and social care for people with diabetes and/or those aged 75+ through care planning, multidisciplinary case reviews, information sharing and(More)
This paper describes communication in the opening phases of real-time, video-mediated telemedicine consultations, using the method of conversation analysis, in three NHS settings in the UK. The literature on interaction analysis in face-to-face medical consultations indicates that physicians' capacity to determine topics in consultations is established in(More)
BACKGROUND A computer-assisted history-taking system (CAHTS) is a tool that aids clinicians in gathering data from patients to inform a diagnosis or treatment plan. Despite the many possible applications and even though CAHTS have been available for nearly three decades, these remain underused in routine clinical practice. OBJECTIVE Through an(More)
Arthroplasty registries are important for the surveillance of joint replacements and the evaluation of outcome. Independent validation of registry data ensures high quality. The ability for orthopaedic implant retrieval centres to validate registry data is not known. We analysed data from the National Joint Registry for England, Wales and Northern Ireland(More)
BACKGROUND Automated telephone communication systems (ATCS) can deliver voice messages and collect health-related information from patients using either their telephone's touch-tone keypad or voice recognition software. ATCS can supplement or replace telephone contact between health professionals and patients. There are four different types of ATCS:(More)
BACKGROUND Over one million patients worldwide are estimated to have a metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty. To improve the management of these patients and reduce surgeon uncertainty regarding decision-making, we designed an Internet-enhanced multidisciplinary team (iMDT) working approach. METHODS From August 2012 to April 2014, the iMDT discussed 215(More)
BACKGROUND Several local attempts to introduce integrated care in the English National Health Service have been tried, with limited success. The Northwest London Integrated Care Pilot attempts to improve the quality of care of the elderly and people with diabetes by providing a novel integration process across primary, secondary and social care(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite the importance of continuity of care and patient engagement, few studies have captured patients' views on integrated care. This study assesses patient experience in the Integrated Care Pilot in North West London with the aim to help clinicians and policymakers understand patients' acceptability of integrated care and design future(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes communication in the physical examination phases of telemedicine consultations. METHODS Using the method of conversation analysis, we draw on 10 telemedicine consultations (five telecardiology and five televascular) between primary and tertiary care in the UK. RESULTS Physical examination is absent in telecardiology(More)