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Some new ideas are presented for the improvement of the known QKD protocols and their application to an Internet environment. The full automatization of a technological setup is considered, as a result of the property of most basic QKD protocols to have the appearance of step by step algorithmic procedures and thus to offer themselves to materialization as(More)
The Divider set, as an innovative alternative concept to maximal disks, Voronoi sets and cut loci, is presented with a formal definition based on topology and differential geometry. The relevant mathematical theory by previous authors and a comparison with other medial axis definitions is presented. Appropriate applications are proposed and examined.
We have created an innovative method for the production of binary series of arbitrary length, which appear to be random to an uninformed third party. Our method is based on the symbolic dynamics of a special family of recursive maps exhibiting extremely complex trajectories in their phase space. Among other applications, our binary series can be used as(More)
In this paper we describe a novel concept for classification of complex parametric geometry based on the concept of the Divider Set. The Divider Set is an alternative concept to maximal disks, Voronoi sets and cut loci. The Di-vider Set is based on a formal definition relating to topol-ogy and differential geometry. In this paper firstly we discuss the(More)
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