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During research about high pressure, some divers presented an organic syndrome with delirium when the mixed gaz (hydrogen with oxygen) was in a particular level. All the divers were better and mental symptom disappeared during the coming back to normal level of gaz pressure. With the same pressure and mixed gaz animals show a distortion of dopamine's(More)
The different steps of the project and mainly the knowledge acquisition process in the field of emergency medicine meant for French Navy warships are described. We focus on Psychiatry and more especially on the subset of pathologies that may lead to suicide. A knowledge base dealing with these questions is connected to a hypothetico-deductive automaton that(More)
In that work, the tetanic's depresses are taken out from the sphere of spasmophilie , concept that the authors take as no pertinent. Those depresses find again the sphere of the nevrosis . It is an answer to the anguish and to the oedipus-problematic of the subject. The authors, by making clear their remarks with several observations, circle the clinic(More)
In order to evaluate the clinical utility of neuro-physiological tests in distinguishing between depression and dementia, we compared quantified EEG and event-related potentials (ERP) in 13 depressed and 12 demented patients. Their cognitive functions were clinically assessed by the ERFC test. When scored with a discriminant function, EEG misclassified one(More)
Twenty four hours after dosing of pregnant rats with 3H vitamin D3 i.v. the sulfoconjugate was detected only in the kidney. In contrast, 24 or 48 hours after 3H vitamin D3 i.v. dosing the vitamin D3 sulfoconjugate was detected in the plasma, liver, kidney and mammary glands of lactating mother rats.
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