Yannick Parmentier

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The concept of metagrammar has been introduced to factorize information contained in a grammar. A metagrammar compiler can then be used to compute an actual grammar from a metagrammar. In this paper, we present a new metagrammar compiler based on 2 important concepts from logic programming, namely (1) the Warren's Abstract Machine and (2) constraints on(More)
The pregnane X receptor (PXR) initially isolated as a nuclear receptor regulating xenobiotic and drug metabolism and elimination, seems to play an endobiotic role by affecting lipid homeostasis. In mice, PXR affects lipid homeostasis and increases hepatic deposit of triglycerides. In this study, we show that, in human hepatocyte, PXR activation induces an(More)
The objective of this study was to characterize cytochrome P450 (CYP) activities in both intestinal and hepatic microsomes from Wistar and Sprague-Dawley rats. Specific probes for measuring CYP activities were selected using rat recombinant CYP. The intestinal microsome preparation was optimized getting a more relevant and reproducible abundance of CYPs to(More)
Macrophages represent major cellular targets of various drugs, especially antibiotics and anti-viral drugs. Factors that may govern intracellular accumulation of drugs in these cells, especially those related to activity of drug transporters, are consequently likely important to consider. The present study was therefore designed to extensively characterize(More)
The pregnane X receptors (PXRs) and the constitutive androstane receptor (CAR) were initially isolated as nuclear receptors regulating xenobiotic metabolism and elimination, alleviating chemical insults. However, recent works suggest that these xenoreceptors play an endobiotic role in modulating hepatic lipid metabolism. In this study, we show that CAR(More)
This matched cohort study estimates the effect of hospital-acquired bloodstream infection (HA-BSI) on length of stay (LOS) and costs during hospitalisation of 1839 patients (age range <1 to >80 years) gathered from 19 acute hospitals in Belgium. A second objective was to evaluate the impact of the choice of matching criteria. Data from national surveillance(More)
Developing linguistic resources, in particular grammars, is known to be a complex task in itself, because of (amongst others) redundancy and consistency issues. Furthermore some languages can reveal themselves hard to describe because of specific characteristics, e.g. the free word order in German. In this context, we present (i) a framework allowing to(More)
This paper investigates the relation between TT-MCTAG, a formalism used in computational linguistics, and RCG. RCGs are known to describe exactly the class PTIME; simple RCG even have been shown to be equivalent to linear context-free rewriting systems, i.e., to be mildly context-sensitive. TT-MCTAG has been proposed to model free word order languages. In(More)
Blache [1] introduced Property Grammar as a formalism where linguistic information is represented in terms of non hierarchical constraints. This feature gives it an adequate expressive power to handle complex linguistic phenomena, such as long distance dependencies, and also agrammatical sentences [2]. Recently, Duchier et al. [3] proposed a model-theoretic(More)
Human hepatoma cells may represent a valuable alternative to the use of human hepatocytes for studying hepatic drug transporters, which is now a regulatory issue during drug development. In the present work, we have characterized hepatic drug transporter expression, activity and regulation in human hepatoma HuH-7 cells, in order to determine the potential(More)