Yannick Moy

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Avionics is the canonical example of safety-critical embedded software, where an error could kill hundreds of people. To prevent such catastrophic events, the avionics industry and regulatory authorities have defined a stringent certification standard for avionics software, DO-178 and its equivalent in Europe, ED-12, which are known generically as DO-178.(More)
Formal modular verification of software is based on assume-guarantee reasoning, where each software module is shown to provide some guarantees under certain assumptions and an overall argument linking results for individual modules justifies the correctness of the approach. However, formal verification is almost never applied to the entire code, posing a(More)
We present a novel approach for the automatic generation of inductive loop invariants over loops manipulating arrays. Unlike most existing approaches, it generates invariants containing disjunctions and quantifiers, which are rich enough for proving functional properties over programs which manipulate arrays. Our approach does not require the user to(More)