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Deductive verification based on weakest-precondition calculus has proved effective at proving imperative programs, through a suitable encoding of memory as functional arrays (a.k.a. the Burstall-Bornat model). Unfortunately, this encoding of memory makes it impossible to support features like union and cast in C. We show that an interesting subset of those(More)
Verification activities mandated for critical software are essential to achieve the required level of confidence expected in life-critical or business-critical software. They are becoming increasingly costly as, over time, they require the development and maintenance of a large body of functional and robustness tests on larger and more complex applications.(More)
Avionics is the canonical example of safety-critical embedded software, where an error could kill hundreds of people. To prevent such catastrophic events, the avionics industry and regulatory authorities have defined a stringent certification standard for avionics software, DO-178 and its equivalent in Europe, ED-12, which are known generically as DO-178.(More)