Yannick Jestin

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This paper focuses on the experience we have acquired by developping and using the Ivy software bus to design human-computer interactive prototypes for Air Traffic Control. We list its properties for designing and developing light and powerful HMIs. By presenting our experience, we hope it will foster the design and development of the future architectures(More)
The INDIGO project develops a new generation of tools for distributed interactive applications. The proposed architecture is composed of object servers that manage the applications's data and interaction and rendering servers that manage display and interaction. Such separation of the core application logic from the interaction makes it possible to optimize(More)
In this paper, we focus on the specific design space of temporal data visualizations. Whereas most visualizations do not take into account the special semantic of temporal data, we depict ecological representations of the time that may be reuse by practitioners and we explain why their specific semantic helps users perceiving information. Furthermore,(More)
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