Yannick Jestin

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The INDIGO project develops a new generation of tools for distributed interactive applications. The proposed architecture is composed of object servers that manage the applications's data and interaction and rendering servers that manage display and interaction. Such separation of the core application logic from the interaction makes it possible to optimize(More)
This paper focuses on the experience we have acquired by developping and using the Ivy software bus to design human-computer interactive prototypes for Air Traffic Control. We list its properties for designing and developing light and powerful HMIs. By presenting our experience, we hope it will foster the design and development of the future architectures(More)
In this paper we describe our exploration of some distributedinteraction prototypes designed for Air Traffic Control purposes. We think that this new form of interaction can play an important role in bringing closer together the user and the systems he is using. We believe that mobile devices, combined with new interaction styles, can be used as a lever to(More)
This paper presents results obtained within the research project called EPOQUES, which aim is to propose tools and methods to treat Air Traffic Management (ATM) Safety Occurrences. The project is based on a bottom-up approach and centred on investigators’ needs in the five French Air Traffic enroute centres, plus Paris/CDG and Toulouse approaches. The(More)
In this paper, we focus on the specific design space of temporal data visualizations. Whereas most visualizations do not take into account the special semantic of temporal data, we depict ecological representations of the time that may be reuse by practitioners and we explain why their specific semantic helps users perceiving information. Furthermore,(More)
1 CENA, {surname}@cena.dgac.fr, www.cena.fr 2 Eurocontrol Experimental Center, {name.surname}@eurocontrol.fr, www.eurocontrol.fr ABSTRACT This paper describes the OpenATC project carried out to promote the free software initiative in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) community, and explains its potential benefits. The free software model has been growing in(More)
Enhancing air traffic control safety requires to improve the access to operational documentation. Shifting from paper to electronic documentation raises important issues we are trying to address in the IGLOO project. We describe the kind and format of the documentation available on the working position. Then we explain the user centered design process we(More)
According to a 2013 AUVSI report, delays in integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS) could cost more than $10 billions a year for the United States alone. Worldwide regulatory bodies are under pressure by the UAS industry to accelerate the regulation process, but safety remains their main objective. One condition for(More)
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