Yannick Guillet

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An innovative method to perform femtosecond time-resolved interferometry in reflection mode is proposed. The experiment consists in the combined use of a pump-probe setup and of a fully passive in-line femtosecond common-path interferometer. The originality of this interferometer relies on the use of a single birefringent crystal first to generate a pair of(More)
A compact femtosecond dual-oscillator pump-probe setup with 48 MHz-repetition rate, relying on asynchronous optical sampling, is presented. The relative timing jitter between both lasers over the whole pump-probe delay range is of the order of or lower than 500 fs. We demonstrate that both a picosecond temporal resolution and a 48 MHz spectral resolution(More)
Cell mechanics play a key role in several fundamental biological processes, such as migration, proliferation, differentiation and tissue morphogenesis. In addition, many diseased conditions of the cell are correlated with altered cell mechanics, as in the case of cancer progression. For this there is much interest in methods that can map mechanical(More)
The optical response of materials based on gold nanoparticle assemblies depends on many parameters regarding both material morphology and light excitation characteristics. In this paper, the interplay between the optical and thermal responses of such media is particularly investigated under its theoretical aspect. Both conventional and original modeling(More)
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