Yannick Grosskreutz

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Gephyrin is a bifunctional protein which is essential for both synaptic clustering of inhibitory neurotransmitter receptors in the central nervous system and the biosynthesis of the molybdenum cofactor (MoCo) in peripheral tissues. Mice deficient in gephyrin die early postnatally and display a loss of glycine receptors (GlyRs) and many GABA(A) receptor(More)
The brain-specific GDP/GTP exchange factor collybistin interacts with the receptor-anchoring protein gephyrin and activates the Rho-like GTPase Cdc42, which is known to regulate actin cytoskeleton dynamics. Alternative splicing creates two collybistin variants, I and II. In coexpression experiments, collybistin II has been shown to induce the formation of(More)
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