Yannick Gerard

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The present study investigated the minimum amount of auditory stimulation that allows differentiation of spoken voices, instrumental music, and environmental sounds. Three new findings were reported. 1) All stimuli were categorized above chance level with 50 ms-segments. 2) When a peak-level normalization was applied, music and voices started to be(More)
The present study uses eye-tracking technology to track differences in how children aged 5 and 8, and adults explore the space of possible answers to a semantic analogy problem. The main results were that adults looked more to A and B than to C and Target and that they start with A and B before looking at C and D. For children, the pattern was very(More)
The present study directly tests the relationship between children’s performance in an analogy-making task involving semantic analogies and their inhibitory-control capacities tested with the Day-Night test (Gerstadt, Hong, & Diamond, 1994). Our claim is that the development of analogy making can be best studied in terms of developmental changes in(More)
The contributions of local and global features to object identification depend upon the context. For example, while local features play an essential role in identification of words and objects, the global features are more influential in face recognition. In order to evaluate the respective strengths of local and global features for face recognition,(More)
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