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UNLABELLED Few data are available in France about implementation of guidelines for pathology reports of rectal cancer resections. AIM The purpose of this study was to audit quality and completeness of histopathology reports of rectal cancer resections in Brittany by comparing results with French guidelines published in 1998. METHODS All inhabitants in(More)
  • 2008
The Angstrom Project is using a global network of 2m-class telescopes to conduct a high cadence pixel microlensing survey of the bulge of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), with the primary aim of constraining its underlying bulge mass distribution and stellar mass function. Here we investigate the feasibility of using such a survey to detect planets in M31. We(More)
UNLABELLED Cerebral palsy is defined as a nonprogressive brain lesion that occurs during prenatal or perinatal development. The Breizh IMC health network objective is to improve the knowledge about the way of life and the health status of adults with cerebral palsy. OBJECTIVE To describe disabilities, way of life and access to medical care for older teens(More)
OBJECTIVES By who, why and how are done hysterectomies for benign lesions. MATERIAL and methods. The 413 medical files of all the patients who underwent an hysterectomy for benign lesion during the last trimester of 1997 were recorded by the Medical Information Departments of the 53 health establishments of the Brittany Region. Surgical procedures,(More)
PURPOSE To try to improve the cardiovascular risk of resistant hypertensive patients in general medicine in Brittany after using french hypertension recommendations. METHODS 581 hypertensive patients under 3 antihypertensive drugs have asked for an exoneration of the patients' social contribution: 297 (51%) were uncontrolled at their general practitioner(More)
The generalization of colorectal cancer prevention campaigns leads inevitably to the multiplication of control colonoscopies, for those patients who have been treated by endoscopic removal of precancerous lesions. Risk of recurrence varies according to the number, size and histology of the lesions, as well as the patient’s family history. Academic(More)
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