Yannick Andéol

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We have previously reported a post-transcriptional RNA amplification observed in vivo following injection of in vitro synthesized transcripts into axolotl oocytes, unfertilized (UFE) or fertilized eggs. To further characterize this phenomenon, low speed extracts (LSE) from axolotl and Xenopus UFE were prepared and tested in an RNA polymerization assay. The(More)
The products of the Wntgene family play an essential role in several aspects of embryo patterning. We have investigated the post-transcriptional regulation of three of these genes: Awnt-1, Awnt-5A and Awnt-5B during axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) oogenesis, oocyte maturation and early development. We show that Awnt-1, Awnt-5A and Awnt-5B mRNAs are maternally(More)
The early development of amphibians takes place in the absence of significant transcription and is controlled at the post-transcriptional level. We have reported that in vitro synthesized transcripts injected into axolotl fertilized eggs or oocytes were not continuously degraded as their abundance apparently fluctuated over time, with detected amounts(More)
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