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For the general practitioner, the superficial periodontal structure is an obstacle when trying to gain access, control and visualization to juxta or infra gingival preparations. A temporary restoration will maintain and protect those limits and in many cases it is a very efficient procedure. Sometimes it is necessary to enhance the gingival preparation by(More)
Since the past five years Lockheed Martin Canada is developing an advanced image interpretation system integrating classification tools and target detection operators for multispectral, hyperspectral and polarimetric SAR imagery. Improved classification maps and superior object detection and identification performances have been obtained with a pixel-driven(More)
Nowadays, most processing platforms make use of cache memories to improve the execution speed of the tasks running on the processors. However, when a processor switches from a task to another, the caches must be reloaded with the context of the upcoming task. This is time consuming and is usually not predictable and thus affects the worst-case execution(More)
Hydro-alginates are a combination of reversible and irreversible hydrocolloids. These products are a material choice in fixed prosthodontics and removable partial denture due to their reliability and ease of use, depending on adequate utilization of the materials and on a perfect synchronization during the impression procedures.
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