Yannick Allard

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The intracellular pH of frog sartorius muscles exposed to an extracellular pH 8.0 (25 mM HCO3-, 1% CO2) was 6.9-7.1. Following a fatiguing stimulation period (one tetanic contraction per second for 3 min), the intracellular pH was 6.5-6.7. When similar experiments were repeated with frog sartorius muscles exposed to pH 6.4 (2mM HCO3-, 1% CO2), the(More)
– Since the past five years Lockheed Martin Canada is developing an advanced image interpretation system integrating classification tools and target detection operators for multispectral, hyperspectral and polarimetric SAR imagery. Improved classification maps and superior object detection and identification performances have been obtained with a(More)
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