Yanni Xiao

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In this paper, the impulsive exploitation of single species modelled by periodic Logistic equation is considered. First, it is shown that the generally periodic Kolmogorov system with impulsive harvest has a unique positive solution which is globally asymptotically stable for the positive solution. Further, choosing the maximum annual biomass yield as the(More)
Hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) has spread widely in mainland China increasing in prevalence in most years with serious consequences for child health. The HFMD virus can survive for a long period outside the host in suitable conditions, and hence contaminated environments may play important roles in HFMD infection. A new mathematical model was proposed and(More)
Pharmacokinetics were melded with a viral dynamical model to design an optimal drug administration regimen such that the basic reproductive number for the virus was minimized. One-compartmental models with two kinds of drug delivery routes, intravenous and extravascular with multiple dosages, and two drug elimination rates, first order and Michaelis-Menten(More)