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Bread wheat is an allopolyploid species with a large, highly repetitive genome. To investigate the impact of selection on variants distributed among homoeologous wheat genomes and to build a foundation for understanding genotype-phenotype relationships, we performed population-scale re-sequencing of a diverse panel of wheat lines. A sample of 62 diverse(More)
Macrophages are involved in many important biological processes and membrane proteins are the key effector molecules for their function. However, membrane proteins are difficult to analyze by 2-DE based methods because of their intrinsic tendency to self-aggregate during the first dimension separation (IEF). To circumvent this, we combined one-dimensional(More)
To assess how flow affects school structure and threat detection, startle response rates of solitary and small groups of giant danio Devario aequipinnatus to visual looming stimuli were compared in flow and no-flow conditions. The instantaneous position and heading of each D. aequipinnatus was extracted from high-speed videos. Behavioural results indicate(More)
One major mechanism through which macrophages effectively kill tumor cells requires cell to cell contact, indicating that certain molecules expressed on cell surface of activated macrophages may mediate the tumoricidal capability. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and nitric oxide (NO) are the two classical mediators of tumor cell death. However, evidence of(More)
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