Yanne S Doucet

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In mammalian skin, Merkel cells are mechanoreceptor cells that are required for the perception of gentle touch. Recent evidence indicates that mature Merkel cells descend from the proliferative layer of skin epidermis; however, the stem cell niche for Merkel cell homeostasis has not been reported. Here, we provide genetic evidence for maintenance of mature(More)
BACKGROUND Sebaceous glands are components of the skin essential for its normal lubrication by the production of sebum. This contributes to skin health and more importantly is crucial for the skin barrier function. A mechanistic understanding of sebaceous gland cells growth and differentiation has lagged behind that for keratinocytes, partly because of a(More)
The epidermis and associated appendages of the skin represent a multi-lineage tissue that is maintained by perpetual rounds of renewal. During homeostasis, turnover of epidermal lineages is achieved by input from regionalized keratinocytes stem or progenitor populations with little overlap from neighboring niches. Over the last decade, molecular markers(More)
Many diseases, as well as side effects of drugs, manifest themselves through skin symptoms. Skin is a complex tissue that hosts various specialized cell types and performs many roles including physical barrier, immune and sensory functions. Therefore, modeling skin in vitro presents technical challenges for tissue engineering. Since the first attempts at(More)
Appartenance à d'autres groupes / Affiliation with other groups Membre régulier, Groupe de recherche sur le système nerveux central (GRSNC) du FRQS Orientations de la recherche • Etude de la plasticité et de la régénération neuronales dans le système nerveux central. Principaux projets en cours • Rôle du récepteur EphA4 dans la plasticité structural(More)
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