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The Art of Being In-between: Native Intermediaries, Indian Identity, and Local Rule in Colonial Oaxaca
In The Art of Being In-between Yanna Yannakakis rethinks processes of cultural change and indigenous resistance and accommodation to colonial rule through a focus on the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, aExpand
Witnesses, Spatial Practices, And a Land Dispute in Colonial Oaxaca*
At approximatety eight o'clock in the morning on the 22nd of June, 1719, Don Gaspar Agüero de los Reyes y San Pelayo, the alcalde mayor (Spanish magistrate) of the district of Villa Alta, Oaxaca,Expand
Indigenous People and Legal Culture in Spanish America
This article reviews recent literature on indigenous people and the legal systems in colonial Mexico and the Andes, with special emphasis on legal engagement as a form of politics and the making ofExpand
Indigenous Intellectuals: Knowledge, Power, and Colonial Culture in Mexico and the Andes
Foreword / Elizabeth Hill Boone ix Acknowledgments xvii Introduction / Gabriela Ramos and Yanna Yannakakis 1 Part I. Indigenous Functionaries: Ethnicity, Networks, and Institutions 1. IndigenousExpand
Introduction: How Did They Talk to One Another? Language Use and Communication in Multilingual New Spain
This introduction poses the central question of this special issue: how did New Spain’s colonial institutions and ethnically diverse colonial subjects use Nahuatl to administer and navigate aExpand
Beyond Jurisdictions: Native Agency in the Making of Colonial Legal Cultures. A Review Essay
Colonial law as an arena for cultural contestation and hegemonic process has displaced an older view of law as a tool of imperial domination. Rich studies based on archival work in local judicial andExpand