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In this paper, the knowledge discovery in databases and data mining (KDD/DM), one of the data-based decision support technologies, is applied to help in targeting customers for the insurance industry. In most KDD/DM application cases, major tasks are required, including data preparation, data preprocessing, data mining, interpretation, application and(More)
Online shopping is a common shopping style for human being nowadays. Rating mechanisms usually exist in most of the shopping sites. Therefore, predicting which products a customer is going to buy next from the rating information becomes possible, making recommender systems important for online shopping. The success of an online shopping site can be(More)
The present paper introduces a new destructive algorithm for rule extraction based on a trained neural network. The degree of complexity of neural network increases exponentially as a factor of the numbers of input and hidden nodes. Therefore, the dimensionality of the trained neural network is reduced by using a proposed destructive algorithm to extract(More)
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