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A cellular hardware implementation of a spiking neural network with run-time reconfigurable connectivity is presented. It is implemented on a compact custom FPGA board which provides a powerful reconfigurable hardware platform for hardware and software design. Complementing the system, a CPU synthesized on the FPGA takes care of interfacing the network with(More)
In this paper, we introduce the general architecture of a new electronic tissue called POEtic. This reconfigurable circuit is designed to ease the implementation of bio-inspired systems that bring cellular applications into play. It contains special features that allow a developer to realize systems that require evolution (Phylogenesis), development(More)
In this paper we present a new dynamic routing algorithm specially implemented for a new electronic tissue called POEtic. This re-configurable circuit is designed to ease the implementation of bio-inspired systems that bring cellular applications into play. Specifically designed for implementing cellular applications, such as neural networks, this circuit(More)
This paper introduces Perplexus, a European project that aims to develop a scalable hardware platform made of custom reconfigurable devices endowed with bio-inspired capabilities. This platform will enable the simulation of large-scale complex systems and the study of emergent complex behaviors in a virtually unbounded wireless network of computing modules.(More)
In this article, we try to analyze the requirements of developmental processes from the perspective of their implementation in digital hardware. After recalling the motivations for such an implementation, we concentrate separately on the two mechanisms (cellular division and cellular differentiation) that are exploited by biological systems to realize(More)
— The ubichip is a bio-inspired reconfigurable circuit developed in the framework of the european project Perplexus. The ubichip offers special reconfigurability capabilities, being the dynamic routing one of them. This paper describes how to exploit the dynamic routing capabilities of the ubichip in order to implement synaptogenetic neural networks. We(More)
In this article, we introduce the approach to the realization of ontogenetic development and fault tolerance that will be implemented in the POEtic tissue, a novel reconfigurable digital circuit dedicated to the realization of bio-inspired systems. The modelization in electronic hardware of the developmental process of multi-cellular biological organisms is(More)