Yann Tessier

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PURPOSE The authors recently used topical endoscopy to image the mouse eye fundus. Here, they widened the field of application for this ophthalmologic tool, imaging both the posterior and the anterior eye segments in larger animals commonly encountered in research laboratories and veterinary clinics. METHODS Pupils were dilated, and local anesthetic and(More)
Lower limb movements for clutch-pedal operations were investigated and the influence of four parameters (seat height, pedal travel, pedal travel inclination, pedal resistance) was studied using a multi-adjustable experimental seat. Fifteen subjects participated in the experiment: five short females, five average height males and five tall males. A(More)
Single stranded oligonucleotides (SSO) represent a novel therapeutic modality that opens new space to address previously undruggable targets. In spite of their proven efficacy, the development of promising SSO drug candidates has been limited by reported cases of SSO-associated hepatotoxicity. The mechanisms of SSO induced liver toxicity are poorly(More)
Antisense oligonucleotide (AON) therapeutics offer new avenues to pursue clinically relevant targets inaccessible with other technologies. Advances in improving AON affinity and stability by incorporation of high affinity nucleotides, such as locked nucleic acids (LNA), have sometimes been stifled by safety liabilities related to their accumulation in the(More)
Ni-YSZ films are deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering from a single Ni/Zr/Y metallic target at rates as high as 4µm.h-1. Tailoring both DC pulsed power and oxygen partial pressure, a stable deposition process was obtained. Columnar morphology was observed in the as-deposited films. Annealing in air at 900°C was conducted, after which a fully(More)
Thermal stability of AlCoCrCuFeNi high entropy alloy thin films studied by in-situ XRD analysis Abstract High entropy alloys (HEAs), containing five to thirteen metallic elements, with a concentration in the range of 5 to 35 % for each element, exhibit very interesting properties (mechanical, tribological, formability, magnetism...). Their high mixing(More)
  • R. Dussart, A. L. Thomann, +5 authors Y. Tessier
  • 2008
Energy exchanges due to chemical reactions between a silicon surface and a SF 6 plasma were directly measured using a heat flux microsensor. The energy flux evolution was compared with those obtained when only few reactions occur at the surface to show the part of chemical reactions. At 800 W, the measured energy flux due to chemical reactions is estimated(More)
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