Yann Meyer

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Time-resolved transient absorption and gain spectra of DCM-crown and its complexes with Li+ and Ca2+ in acetonitrile are measured in the wavelength range 370–670 nm after subpicosecond excitation at 425 nm. The results give evidence for the fast formation of free DCM-crown from both excited complexes, with a faster rate for the Li+ complex. A two-step(More)
The design and operation characteristics of a low-Q cavity dye laser chain pumped by a single laser (seeded Q-switched Nd:YAG) for generating high-power tunable subpicosecond pulses are presented. Two low-Q short dye cavities in cascade pumped well above threshold followed by extracavity pulse shaping in a highly saturated absorber and amplifiers lead to(More)
This paper is concerned with the optimization of an active vibration micro-isolator. The process is applied to the whole system including the passive structure, the piezoelectric transducers, the electrical interfaces and the controller. An efficient optimization algorithm based on an interval computation method is used. The authors' general objective is to(More)
A repetitive flashtube pumped dye laser (pulse rate up to 30 Hz) is described. The untuned laser output average power with rhodamine 6G is 1 W. When tuned by a Perot-Fabry etalon, 0.36 W is obtained in a bandwidth of 3 A. Output power is given for several dyes emitting between 440 nm and 680 nm. The behavior of flashtubes and dye solutions after long use is(More)
The peculiar properties of the high-reflectivity Fizeau wedge used in reflection are pointed out and used to obtain single-mode operation of a Nd:YAG-pumped dye laser. It is demonstrated that the reflecting Fizeau wedge can have, as a cavity output coupler, the double action of selective-feedback mirror and an output filter, thus producing a background-free(More)
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