Yann Le Guyadec

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R esum e Nous pr esentons un calcul des pr econditions les plus faibles, tel que propos e par Dijkstra, pour un langage minimal repr esentatif des langages data-parallels existants. Nous employons un langage d'assertion en deux parties, o u la port ee du parall elisme est sp ecii ee par une expression bool eenne vectorielle distincte. Nous prouvons que les(More)
Data-parallel languages ooer a programming model struc-tured and easy to understand. The challenge consists in taking advantage of the power of present parallel architectures by a compilation process allowing to reduce the number and the complexity of synchronizations. In this paper, we clearly separate the synchronous programming model from the(More)
— One of the most challenging tasks in specification engineering for a multi-agent robotic system is to formally specify and architect the system, especially as a multi-agent robotic system is concurrent having concurrent processing, and often having dynamic environment. The formal requirement and architecture specifications along with step-wise refinement(More)
In this paper we present an example of the use of the Horocol language for programming a society or teams of robots. This example shows the principal features of the Horocol language. This language has been developed to offer a solution to express the behaviours of a set of teams of robots or agents. We focus on the originality of this language which is in(More)
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