Yann Le Franc

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We present a method to label and trace the lineage of multiple neural progenitors simultaneously in vertebrate animals via multiaddressable genome-integrative color (MAGIC) markers. We achieve permanent expression of combinatorial labels from new Brainbow transgenes introduced in embryonic neural progenitors with electroporation of transposon vectors. In(More)
The aggregation of multi-disciplinary information is a challenge faced by large-scale data infrastructures serving scientific domains such as biodiversity, agronomy or ecology. This requires the integration of ontologies or thesauri from different domains. These semantic resources are often hosted within domain specific repositories which can be harvested(More)
Le Franc Y, Le Masson G. Multiple firing patterns in deep dorsal horn neurons of the spinal cord: computational analysis of mechanisms and functional implications. J Neurophysiol 104: 1978–1996, 2010. First published July 28, 2010; doi:10.1152/jn.00919.2009. Deep dorsal horn relay neurons (dDHNs) of the spinal cord are known to exhibit multiple firing(More)
Version 0.72, draft 2014­11­03 Jeff Teeters, University of California, Berkeley, USA (Leader of working group) Jan Benda, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen übingen , Germany Andrew Davison, CNRS, Gif­sur­Yvette, France Richard C. Gerkin, Arizona State University, USA Jeffrey Grethe, University of California, San Diego CA, USA Jan Grewe, Eberhard Karls(More)
Most data management systems include a database in the backend to store data and the associated metadata and a web-based user interface to access and modify the data/metadata. User interfaces are specifically tailored for representing a unique database structure and cannot be easily reused for other database structure. Furthermore the generated web-based(More)
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