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  • Mickaël Clévenot, Yann Guy, Jacques Mazier
  • 2009
While many studies have been devoted to capital accumulation and rate of profit, the article empirically characterises the financialization at the level of firms’ liability, i.e. at the level of debt and equity. In particular, the determinants of non financial firms’ indebtedness and equity issuing will be analysed econometrically. The theoretical framework(More)
For policy purposes, it is important to understand the relative efficacy of various methods to target the poor. Recently, participatory methods have received particular attention. We examine the effectiveness of a hybrid two-step process that combines a participatory wealth ranking and a verification household survey, relative to two proxy means tests (the(More)
An urban and underground resting place of Culex pipiens has been examinated during one year. Many females (28% in September, 70% in January) do not find sexual partners. The cause is a mixing of autogenous and anautogenous forms in the place even if it seems perfectly closed.
The authors have carry out during four summers a study of the "maculipennis complex" on the Languedoc-Roussillon coast line. They have determined three sibling species: Anopheles maculipennis subalpinus (very abundant, with an important eggs ornementation' poly-morphism), Anopheles maculipennis maculipennis (found only once in that region) and Anopheles(More)