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PipeAlign is a protein family analysis tool integrating a five step process ranging from the search for sequence homologues in protein and 3D structure databases to the definition of the hierarchical relationships within and between subfamilies. The complete, automatic pipeline takes a single sequence or a set of sequences as input and constructs a(More)
BACKGROUND Alvinella pompejana is a representative of Annelids, a key phylum for evo-devo studies that is still poorly studied at the sequence level. A. pompejana inhabits deep-sea hydrothermal vents and is currently known as one of the most thermotolerant Eukaryotes in marine environments, withstanding the largest known chemical and thermal ranges (from 5(More)
Nuclear receptors (NRs) are ligand dependent transcription factors that regulate gene expression. A number of in depth structure-function relationship studies have been performed, in particular with drug design perspectives. Recent structural results concerning integral receptors in diverse functional states, obtained using a combination of different(More)
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