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The West Digital Conservatory of Archaeological Heritage project, a.k.a. WDCAH, is a new French research organization whose aim is to both ensure the preservation of digital archaeological data, and deliver expertise in production, analysis, visualization and virtual reality exploration techniques. This project is an interdisciplinary project composed of(More)
In the continuation of the 3D data production work made by the WDCAH, the use of virtual reality tools allows archaeologists to carry out analysis and understanding research about their sites. In this paper, we focus on the virtual reality services proposed to archaeologists in the WDCAH, through the example of two archaeological sites, the Temple de Mars(More)
A procedure which allows an investigator to supply a crystal with fresh mother material without inducing significant growth defects is described. This technique requires that the crystal is grown in a gelled hanging or sitting drop. An example concerning a model macromolecule, hen egg-white lysozyme, is given. Extension of this procedure to other(More)
This paper presents an application of photogrammetry on ceramic fragments from two excavation sites located northwest of France. The restitution by photogrammetry of these different fragments allowed reconstructions of the potteries in their original state or at least to get to as close as possible. We used the 3D reconstructions to compute some metrics and(More)